824. Catty


How difficult it is to hide anything from Aunt Emelia. When she asked Adelaide to house-mind she said, “Definitely no cats.”

Aunt Emelia was going overseas for her annual break. She would be away for six weeks. Six weeks without a cat! Goodness! There was no way Aunt Emelia would know if Adelaide brought her cat along.

Bring the cat she did. The scratching on the back of the sofa was a little hard to hide. The cat fur worked its way deep into the carpet. The stench of cat pee was unable to be disguised. The light-coloured kitchen wall next to the cat bowl was stained by flying cat food.

After six weeks, Aunt Emelia returned.

Adelaide wasn’t paid.

Adelaide was sent a bill for damages.

Adelaide was written out of the will.

How catty is that?

57 thoughts on “824. Catty

              1. Cynthia Jobin

                Maybe….I don’t know where that expression comes from, now that I think about it. But I do know that almost anything about cats can bring in the bucks….there are so many cat lovers out there!

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    Aunt Emilia is obviously a cataphobe and therefore lacking in heart! But Adelaide had a badly behaved cat and should not have ventured into public with it! Orlando would never behave like that – except maybe for the flying food stains. After all the excess has to be shaken off at the end of every meal.

    1. Cynthia Jobin

      Orlando is a Maine Coon, is he not? My two cats, Hallelujah (Lulu) and Beauregard (Beau), being from around here, are Maine Coon hybrids, otherwise known as mongrels, or, as they say in Australia, moggies.

      1. Bruce Goodman Post author

        I never knew of a Maine Coon until now – although looking at pictures I have seen plenty in real life. My cat is just a cat – which accounts for its rather ordinary name of “Pussy Cat” as opposed to the wonderful sophistication of Orlando, Hallelujah, and Beauregard. She get’s reminders from the vet in the mail addressed to “Pussy Cat Goodman” – which is a rather humiliating experience (for the cat’s keeper).

      2. thecontentedcrafter

        We call them Moggies too. Orlando is indeed a pure bred with his roots in your territory. He’s a lovely boy and answers to ‘Tig’ amongst his family members, but we would never broadcast that fact! Personally I think naming your cats Hallelujah and Beauregard was a stroke of genius!!

        1. Cynthia Jobin

          Beau was a stray, wandering around because his elderly mistress died, and no one in her family wanted him. He has the most gorgeous green eyes that look right through you….with cataracts, now. Lulu got her name because someone picked her up off the street and left her at the Salvation Army near where we lived. She was only about eight months old, the vet said, and when we took her there to be spayed, already had little foetuses inside of her. A streetwalker she was, at an early age, and once was lost but now was found so we called her Hallelujah! (We couldn’t call her Amazing Grace, because that was our dog’s name, at the time!)

          1. Bruce Goodman Post author

            It would possibly have been my luck in a past life to have been a stray tom, been blessed on being discovered by wonderful people, only to be taken to the vet for an… operation !

    2. arlingwoman

      Yes, if the cat had not been so badly behaved, thereby making Adelaide a bad house sitter, or if Adelaide had cleaned up after the cat, grouchy Aunt Emeline would not have known, unless she had allergies. Bad behavior all round here, Bruce.

          1. simon682

            There are two sorts of people in this world: those who know the words to Guys and Dolls and those who don’t. I find it a more reliable guide to quality than accent, dress sense, size of car or watch.

            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              I wish to make a correction to your statement: there are three sorts of people in this world: those who know the words to Guys and Dolls and those who don’t, AND those who know how to look it up on Google!


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