807. Buy now!


Shall we simply say that Patsy’s daughter-in-law, Trixie, had… different tastes? It meant that Patsy had a difficult time buying Christmas gifts for her two small granddaughters. She could never gauge the… different tastes of her granddaughters’ wretched mother.

Patsy was in Rome! She would buy the little girls the cutest and most fashionable Italian outfits! No one could argue with Italian fashion. And the little girls were so vain; five-and-seven-years-old-going-on-sixteen. Patsy purchased two adorable, and not inexpensive, getups.

Christmas came! The little girls loved them! Oh grandmother! How did you know? Thank you!

But now it was the day after Christmas. There for sale online were the two outfits – bidding to start at two dollars, or a “Buy now” for ten dollars. And the seller? Trixie.

Patsy saw red. She purchased them immediately. She sent a friend to pick them up. She immediately placed them for sale online. She sold them for nine times the price.

The next time she saw her granddaughters, Patsy noticed they were wearing identical fashionable outfits from Rome.

“I bought them online,” said Trixie. “They’re Italian. Aren’t they cute?”

For once, Patsy had to admit that she and her daughter-in-law agreed on taste.

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