785. Worn to a frazzle


It had been three weeks of being worn to a frazzle for Joan. First, her husband got the flu, then her son, then her daughter. They all had to be looked after. She could leave them at home while she went to work, but they weren’t overly capable of doing much other than staying in bed.

At last they were on the road to recovery. He husband was back at work. Her son and daughter were back at school.

“I’m having a day off work,” thought Joan. And she did! She phoned up and said she thought she was coming down with the flu. She slept in. She had the house to herself. She made a nice cup of coffee, sat in the armchair, and began to go through whatever was on TV.

She dozed a bit midmorning. She woke with a raging throat and runny nose.

29 thoughts on “785. Worn to a frazzle

  1. noelleg44

    You speak the truth! It happens every time – but at least she stayed home to care for her family and then didn’t go back into work before coming down with it herself. Otherwise, she would have merrily given the flu to everyone there! PS Have you gotten your flu shot?

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      You forget that we’re heading for mid-summer here in the antipodes! But my flu shot is completely free each Autumn – paid for by the government – because of having chronic heart disease. (Although I’d rather not have chronic heart disease and pay for the flu shot!)

  2. Keith Channing

    Joan must be clairvoyant. How else could she call in saying she thought she was coming down with the flu before the first symptoms appeared?
    Or is it a case of mind over matter? Did she talk herself into having the flu? Are the symptoms even real, or is the whole episode psychosomatic?
    Will she pass the sickness back to her husband and children in a self-perpetuating cycle that will eventually engulf her family and all of their regular contacts?
    So many unanswered questions…

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      These are excellent questions, Keith, and well worth spending time on (if I had time to spare). What really worries me is: who will cook dinner and what will they have? And, is there enough room on the kitchen bench to stack the dishes until she is well enough to do them?

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