776. Film star

Melinda and Gerard were walking along the street with their Mum and Dad. Suddenly Dad stopped walking, just before they reached a café that sprawled out on the street.

“Look!” said Dad to Mum, “That’s Claudine, the movie star!”

“Which one? Which one?” said Melinda excitedly, and before you could blink Melinda was standing at the film star’s table.

“My Daddy says you’re a famous film star,” said Melinda.

“Hello,” said Claudine kindly. “What is your name?”

“My name is Melinda, and this is my doll called Cindy.”

“Do you have any other dolls?” asked the film star.

“No,” said Melinda, divulging more family secrets than she need. “We don’t have much money, so I have only one doll.”

Several days later a parcel arrived in the mail for Melinda. It was from the famous film star, Claudine.

“Dear Melinda,” said the letter. “This is my old rag doll from when I was small. Her name is Molly. I know you will love her as much as I did. From your friend, Claudine. XXX.”

Now that Melinda’s brother Gerard is all grown up, he’s seen every porn movie Claudine starred in.

Listen to the story being read HERE!


37 thoughts on “776. Film star

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you, Simon. I think I started recording them around the start of October. I rather enjoy doing the audio bit. I don’t ever redo it – if there’s a mistake or I laugh – that’s it. It still gets posted.

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      1. Belinda Crane

        Oh Bruce … when I stopped blogging to give my novel a good nudge, I didn’t want to be seen not returning comments etc on my posts. I played around with my site a bit. I was aware I could go into all my blog posts under “Publish” and worked out I could click on “Trash” where the posts would not be published on my site. I thought I would just return them to my site when I returned …. The contents of your “Trash” get removed after 30 days …. I didn’t return to my blog for nearly two months. It’s all the comments that I’ve lost that I’m so upset about. Back-up your blog my friend … 😦

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  1. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

    I know these two; the mother is so oblivious to father insisting on their daughter’s first names. All five of their daughters are named after porn stars! Jasmine, Keisha, Jacci, Karla ,and Deja.
    And the latest from another branch of the tree has named their daughter in the same tradition, Taylor Chanel. All pretty names mind you, but if the wives ever catch wind of their origins…

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