754. The PH-word


Phinally the phickle phinger oph phame phinished Philomena. Philomena phelt phairly phamous phor a phleeting phlash phor phinding phour pharmers’ phorlorn phawns phar in the phorest. Phin phee phend pheath phame phor Philomena.

Phus phends phis philly phory.

22 thoughts on “754. The PH-word

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    I’m pheeling phairly phatalistic! My late arriphal rephealing all the smartpharts who haph gone bephore and used up all the ph words. Therephore I haphe decided to include a similar sounding consonant in the phray, just to phrazzle and phry your brain

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