746. Mother of three


Violet was the mother of three. She had cancer. She was thirty-six. Her three children were ten, eight and four. They visited their mother every day at the hospital.

Violet’s pain increased. They put her on morphine. She started to slur a little. She started to hallucinate. Her children were frightened of her.

Violet told the doctor she was not to take the morphine. The pain was excruciating. Her children continued to visit. Violet smiled calmly.

Today, Violet’s long dead. Her children are all grown up. How they would like to wind the clock back.

Listen the story being read HERE!

22 thoughts on “746. Mother of three

      1. Bruce Goodman Post author

        Yes, there is a certain divorce from the diaper reality, the teen reality, the whole shebang reality. I’m too old now to be a mother! – but yesterday I became a Great-Great Uncle with the birth of Noah Goodman. The Goodmans have never believed in hanging around once puberty strikes…. !

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      2. thecontentedcrafter

        I do tend to the pragmatic where my [now grown up and quite old really] kids are concerned………. 🙂

        I’m uncertain if my take on this though is romantic or pragmatic – or just what I think I would have done. From that point of view I would put myself through rather a lot in order not to scare or destroy the faith of my [little] kids.

        If this is based on a true story I completely understand why she she made the choice she did and her children should not feel remorseful about their young responses.

        What do you think Cynthia?

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        1. Cynthia Jobin

          I think you are probably like the kind of mother I would have wished, Pauline. Violet was able to do that , much like the natural mother cub, to protect her children. Among humans, many things enter the picture that are not present in the simple instinct of maternal animals, lions or whatever. Some mothers are caught in the hurts of their own upbringing, such that they cannot give themselves to the wisdom that we might want from motherhood.

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  1. Kate Loveton

    Very sad, but somehow inspiring. I liked the line that Violet smiled calmly.

    In spite of the pain, she smiled calmly. Pretty damned heroic, if you ask me. Giving her children some good memories, memories of their ‘mother’ – not a drugged zombie. What strength of will!

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