Music 55: Wild flowers


These were the wild flowers at my gate.

I cheated! I scattered the seeds myself, and it took quite some effort to prepare the soil!

The bright orange flowers are the clowns perhaps, but all made a cheerful welcome to visitors.

30 thoughts on “Music 55: Wild flowers

  1. Wendy

    I hope I have the same luck with the seeds I scattered last Saturday. I prepared as best as possible. Hopefully some will take.
    I can’t say I have any “clowns”, but I have some Henry Duelberg salvia, basil, and Pride of Barbados Ocotillo.

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      1. Wendy

        Sounds wonderful. Best wishes on a great harvest. Our tomatoes didn’t make this year, we had a terrible blight. Cucumbers did fine, and I’ve got basil coming out my ears, which is why I had seed to spread out in new areas. The bees love it.

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  2. thecontentedcrafter

    I LOVE your wild flower garden – cheating or not! I should like my front garden to look like that one day ………… the music suits to a T – you can see those orange flowers, whose name I forget, twirling off into the distance………..

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Californian poppies. This year – despite just telling Wendy here that I’ve not sown any wild flowers – I’ve scattered lime-lemon coloured Californian poppies all around where we sit in summer for our daily alfresco dining! They’ve just started to come up.

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  3. wolfberryknits

    So pretty..very interesting things going on. The music makes me see pixies jumping through the flowers playing piccolos. Possibly on acid.
    (I love poppies too, I brought back poppy seeds from Monet’s garden earlier this year, gave them out as presents…and forgot to keep any for myself. D’oh.)

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