Music 55: Wild flowers


These were the wild flowers at my gate.

I cheated! I scattered the seeds myself, and it took quite some effort to prepare the soil!

The bright orange flowers are the clowns perhaps, but all made a cheerful welcome to visitors.

30 thoughts on “Music 55: Wild flowers

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I cheated in more ways than one on this one! The music was actually created for some pageant that had a procession of Shakespeare’s clowns. So the buttonhole idea is not far from the mark!

  1. Wendy

    I hope I have the same luck with the seeds I scattered last Saturday. I prepared as best as possible. Hopefully some will take.
    I can’t say I have any “clowns”, but I have some Henry Duelberg salvia, basil, and Pride of Barbados Ocotillo.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Good luck with them! I don’t always have such a display – and this year I don’t have the space – everything is going into cucumbers, tomatoes and capsicums (bell peppers!)

      1. Wendy

        Sounds wonderful. Best wishes on a great harvest. Our tomatoes didn’t make this year, we had a terrible blight. Cucumbers did fine, and I’ve got basil coming out my ears, which is why I had seed to spread out in new areas. The bees love it.

  2. thecontentedcrafter

    I LOVE your wild flower garden – cheating or not! I should like my front garden to look like that one day ………… the music suits to a T – you can see those orange flowers, whose name I forget, twirling off into the distance………..

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Californian poppies. This year – despite just telling Wendy here that I’ve not sown any wild flowers – I’ve scattered lime-lemon coloured Californian poppies all around where we sit in summer for our daily alfresco dining! They’ve just started to come up.

      1. thecontentedcrafter

        Californian poppies!! Yes indeed – haven’t seen them for years! I didn’t know they come in different colours – I’ve only ever seen the orange. Where did you get the seeds from Bruce?

        PS Your dining alfresco area sounds divine!

  3. wolfberryknits

    So pretty..very interesting things going on. The music makes me see pixies jumping through the flowers playing piccolos. Possibly on acid.
    (I love poppies too, I brought back poppy seeds from Monet’s garden earlier this year, gave them out as presents…and forgot to keep any for myself. D’oh.)

  4. noelleg44

    Music to my eyes! I’ve wanted to do that in our side yard, but the soil here is so poor it would take a huge amount of work to prepare it to support the flowers.


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