737. Sweetest Day


Jeffrey’s wall calendar declared it to be Sweetest Day. He didn’t live anywhere near where they celebrated it, but a quick search revealed it to be a day concocted by the candy companies to sell more sweets before Halloween hit the shops. Or maybe it was a day invented by dentists.

And why not celebrate? thought Jeffrey.

The truth was he’d been feeling a bit down recently. A few things had happened in his life that made him sad. (These things need not be mentioned). A Sweetest Day celebration, commercial or not, would brighten his life a little. Besides, he had an appointment with the doctor the next morning about the few things that had been getting him down.

Jeffrey bought himself a big box of chocolates. He devoured them one by one while watching his favourite video. Of course, the Sweetest Day celebration was a justifiable excuse. Jeffrey bought chocolates every day. He was extremely overweight. His wife had left him and taken the kids. They were sick of the man who refused to get help. Basically he was addicted to sugar. The doctor had previously told him that he was heading for diabetes.

Jeffrey said diabetes was genetic, and the doctor said there were several kinds and his was self-inflicted. Jeffrey didn’t believe him. He’d grown up believing that diabetes was hereditary and he wasn’t changing his stance. The doctor had obviously said that because he was overweight. He wouldn’t mind giving sugar up if the doctor had been truthful. But, oh no, the doctor had to invent some untruthful concoction about diabetes being self-inflicted.


Happy Sweetest Day! to all who celebrate it, wherever and whoever you are!

28 thoughts on “737. Sweetest Day

  1. Shubha Athavale

    In Marathi we have a very apt saying and I’m doing my best to transcribe here ” One can only wake up someone who is asleep, not someone who is pretending to be asleep”

      1. Shubha Athavale

        Thank you Bruce! Yes, my parents were from the western coast Konkan, but work took my father to Delhi which is where I was born and brought up. And like Cynthia, I loved looking at the picture of chocolate and irony is that due to an unknown intolerance I have been off sugar, dairy, gluten and most carbs for the past 3 months……

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      As the cliché goes, Cynthia, maybe you’re sweet enough! (I think of my dog’s allergy pills – they will eventually be the death of her, but will have given her a quality life…)

  2. noelleg44

    Very prophetic that you should post this today. One of my dear friends since high school died yesterday from complications of diabetes. She was very overweight most of her life and never met a sugar-laden dessert she didn’t like and eat. Luckily I got to see her about a month ago (I live many, many miles away).


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