730. An old story from France


French-speakers in Belgium have a word for 70 (septante).

French-speakers in Switzerland have a word for 70 (septante).

French-speakers in France don’t have a word for 70. They say 60-10 (soixante-dix). Hearsay has it that they got to 69 and got distracted.

Listen the story being read HERE!

32 thoughts on “730. An old story from France

      1. Cynthia Jobin

        The French spoken in Rwanda and Zaire also has “septante” which makes perfect sense. The word for ninety, likewise is not “eighty-ten” but “nonante” (an uncle). Language is so much fun, isn’t it? Very irrational, sometimes, like my decision to avoid the innuendo of that number between sixty-eight and seventy which looks like the yin-yang symbol.

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          1. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

            Just last week I was helping my 5 yo grand niece write her numbers. “Why do zero and letter o look the same?” She asked.

            “They don’t” I replied and pointed out, “zeros are tall and skinny like an oval: 0 and the letter o is short and fat like a circle: o ”

            “That’s why your name is Oscar? Cause you’re short and fat?”

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  1. arlingwoman

    Regardless what it’s called, it’s a good age to reach. Language can be quite baffling sometimes. When I have learned various languages Make that romance languages) I have been baffled by the illogic of the grammar rules and realized I just had to accept them and move on.

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