721. Party animals


Gilbert and Adelaide were veritable animals. They were out-and-out hedonistic pleasure seekers. The only reason they never got totally blotto at a party was because they knew if they got drunk out of their brains they couldn’t party until sunrise.

And then one party Gilbert got sloshed. He ignored Adelaide and started sidling up to Allison. Yeah, that was a mistake.

That made Adelaide knock back a few swigs of the really strong stuff, and she then started to get nasty. She could hardly stand, but she managed to pick up a couple of bottles and throw them at Allison. Gilbert slurred a “what do you think you’re doing?” comment and Adelaide threw a chair at him.

The whole thing grew into a full scale brawl with everyone joining in and the police were called by some little wall-flowered nerdy old fart sitting somewhere in a shady corner.

The police had a hell of a time trying to get control. The house was trashed. Trashed.

Anyway, that was forty years ago. Gilbert and Adelaide made up and got married and today are proud grandparents of eleven grandkids. Adelaide in fact is the mayor of the city, and Gilbert is a highly respected neurosurgeon at the general hospital.

Listen the story being read HERE!

27 thoughts on “721. Party animals

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    That party reminds me of the past, too, Pauline….with bottles broken, various other missiles thrown, nasty things said and, once, a knife brandished …… I was the wallflower, nerdy young fart who called the police at a certain level of escalation….( for many years, a typical Christmas Eve at the Jobin’s.) No mayors or neurosurgeons ever came out of it, alas, and now the nerdy young fart is a solitary old fart who has totally lost Christmas.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Oh – but you mustn’t let the Grinch steal your Xmas!! I just put my last Christmas decoration away in August! The decorations all come out again on American Thanksgiving! And who would want to be a mayor or a neurosurgeon when you can be a poet!

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    2. thecontentedcrafter

      Don’t break my heart like that Cynthia!! Family’s are so often best left in childhood and our new ones that are not blood related and built up over the years are so much better for so many of us 🙂 I agree with Bruce – I’ll take a poet any day over a mayor and a neurosurgeon!!

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  2. arlingwoman

    Drunk people scare the living bejeezus out of me, whether violent, maudlin, deludedly witty, or deludedly smart. Years ago, I was reading a Mary Wesley novel where someone said to an annoying drunk, “Oh for goodness sake, X, you’re drunk. Go eat something oily!” I’ve put that in my back pocket in case avoidance doesn’t work anytime in the future.

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