50 thoughts on “Music 51: Farewell to winter

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    This is a goodbye to winter, and though I know you are looking at spring and loving it, this goodbye is like all goodbyes… melancholy, bitter- sweet. Since I was born in the depths of winter in a climate similar to the photo, I find this piece beautiful in its sad brilliance. It brings tears. (Nice snow-plowing job!)

  2. Anonymous

    The kind of music that stays with me even after I have stopped listening! Beautiful! And the photo! Good Lord! We were in Quebec last year in June and I wore shorts! This photo has tempted me to visit in winter! And speaking of spring! It is 16 degrees in Sydney today!! The Azaleas and wisterias are at their best, the Jacarandas are now yellow and shedding…..summer is on its way!

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      My cherry blossom is in full bloom, with dozens of tuis (NZ bird) feeding off the nectar and making a noise like a cross between dozens of bells and trucks backing! The Christmas lilies are about a foot high! (And it’s raining 😦 )

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful music Bruce, the one that stays with me even after I am not listening to it! And the snow! Last year in June I wore shorts in Quebec, the photo has tempted me to visit in winter! Watched Everest last night about the guy from NZ who led an “adventure” to the summit….
    And speaking of spring, it is 16 degrees today. Azaleas and wisteria are at their best! Thrush! The less said the better…….

    1. Yvonne

      I’m going to set my alarm for really early, get up and wait for your post to hit my screen. Then, as the thecontentedcrafter has mentioned, I shan’t be late to the party and find all the good food and comments have been taken. But, I’ll probably go all tongue-tied and not have anything to say. (It’s all about me, obviously.)

      Anyhow, I liked the picture AND the music, thank you.

      1. GP Cox

        As long as it doesn’t go to freezing – the cool weather makes the citrus much sweeter. But there aren’t many — if any – citrus orchards down here in the south part anymore – they were bought up by developers for more condos!


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