Music 50: Interisland ferry


This is one of the ferries that crosses between New Zealand’s two main islands. It’s a trip that takes about three hours. Here we see it entering the harbour of New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. I took this photo while waiting to catch it to cross over.

And yes! regarding the melody first heard in the music – it does have a bar. However, it is often not a good idea to use it. Once you’ve left the safe confines of the harbour, the strait between the two islands is regarded as one of the roughest in the world! Today’s music journey however, is a relatively smooth affair.

Listen to the music HERE.

43 thoughts on “Music 50: Interisland ferry

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    I once crossed the Strait with my two very small daughters and great-aunt in tow in the tail of a hurricane. It was a most exciting event from which we emerged wet with salt spray, red faced from the wild winds and bruised from a few tumbles ….. but not one of us became sea sick as we stayed on deck the whole time. The best memory of that day is the sight of my aged aunt grasping hold of the ships railing, face thrown sky wards crying ‘Oh, the elements, the elements’. 🙂 How would you compose a piece of music to commemorate that event?

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  2. Cynthia Jobin

    Anyway, it was earl-eye in the morning so we hit the bar first thing…so good to be dancing the hornpipe, until suddenly things got just a tad queasy. But it didn’t last, and we settled into the good old rocking of the sea.

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  3. arlingwoman

    I could hear all the sounds of the boat leaving the pier and beginning to head out of the harbor, all the engine sounds and instrument beeps and anchor coming up; then I could tell when it moved into the channel. Lovely piece. And nice image kudos to Pauline as well, with her marvelous aunt!

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