701. A timeless parable


Maximilian was the Managing Director of a rather large manufacturing company. There were quite a number of self-opinionated executives working under him. Somehow he managed to keep them under control.

One day at a meeting they all ganged up on Maximilian and demanded a pay rise. Maximilian employed his time-honoured technique:

I agree with you, he said. A pay rise would be a good thing. But let me tell you a story:

Once there were a group of intrepid adventurers. Their boss took them white-water rafting. They were in kayaks going down a fast river that went bumpty-bumpty-bump over boulders and looked more horrifically dangerous than in fact it was. The kayaks were sturdy and safe.

The following week their boss took them mountaineering. They brought their kayaks along with them. Why have you brought your kayaks with you? asked the boss. The kayaks are safe, they replied. We don’t want to drown while climbing the mountain.

All the self-opinionated executives nodded in agreement at Maximilian’s response. They went back to work.

Maximilian bit into his lunchtime sandwich. “Ah yes!” he thought. “Yet another crisis forestalled with one of my meaningless parables.”

Listen the story being read HERE!

41 thoughts on “701. A timeless parable

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Aw shucks! You went and told us it was meaningless…..otherwise I would still be sitting here trying to figure it out until I was finally forced to admit my deficiency in the face of a higher wisdom and resume my place on a lower link of the food chain. Been there. Done that. 🙂

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                    1. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

                      lmfao! This reminds me of the mentally disabled 40 year old man who used to ride his oversized tricycle on our cul-de-sac. He would stop. Strum his air guitar between his legs mimicking guitar sounds, then slap himself in the face saying “oh shit”. Laugh and ride away.

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                    2. Bruce Goodman Post author

                      LOL! I’ve never heard it called an oversized tricycle before… 😉 We had a similar gentleman. He would play guitar – he always stopped and asked, “Is this the way to the Mississippi?

                      Liked by 1 person

  2. Belinda Crane

    I get in my mind what I want to write after I read your stories … and then I get caught up watching the tennis match between you and Oscar every time played within the comments! Great story Bruce.

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