686. Harry’s five day forecast


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Harry, the weatherman, agreed.

Today was going to be partly sunny. Tomorrow was going to be partly cloudy. The day after that was going to be changeable. The next day was a hotchpotch of everything. Sun showers were predicted for the fifth day. Come the weekend, get out that suntan lotion and light the fire.

47 thoughts on “686. Harry’s five day forecast

        1. Cynthia Jobin

          Calmate! Calmate! It’s on other blogs I’ve just been to, also. Another one of WordPress’s wonderful fix-it-even-if-it-ain’t-broken, I imagine. The popup disappears instantaneously, however it’s another thing to complain about, I guess….when I get the energy.

          1. Bruce Goodman Post author

            It doesn’t just disappear instantly, but it reappears instantly as well. It’s a blinking idiot. It’s awful. Any movement on a static screen and my eye goes to it. It’s screen pollution.

                1. Yvonne

                  Oh, and now I see that WP has decided to label you as the Post Author in the comments, just in case you didn’t know, Bruce. And you and your partner in torture are going to tell me that’s been there for ages. Sigh.

                  1. Bruce Goodman Post author

                    Bloody hell. I’m all in blue. I am not worthy of this great honour, but accept it humbly. I am not the King of England. I did not ask for fame, but have had greatness thrust upon me.

                    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

                      Cynthia’s not in blue either, I just checked. Maybe it’s because I complained about the popup that’s appeared at the bottom right of my screen. It’s utterly annoying and won’t go away.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I have to cut out my comments as WordPress – who apparently rule the universe – think I have too much to say. May Nature shower a gentle rain on them and make them grow beyond their little self-conceited pip.

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    I’m running more than a day behind on my blog reading schedule and thought I’d just quickly read this offering, hit ‘like’ and move on to the next post ……….. No such luck! There’s more happening in the comments section than the story – and that’s saying something! I’ve been enjoying the incipient resurrection of spring for the past few days – just now and again a little polar blast wind interferes with the yellow glow, the blue skies and the feeling of happiness that spring brings with her. You are still there in blue as ‘post author’. I wonder if it is because we are getting older and wordpress is afraid we might forget where we are? Others might forget where they are? Maybe it’s just because you look like a goat and random readers might take offence at a goat called Bruce chatting to them in the comments? I am pleased to say there has been as yet no bobbing little troll in the lower right corner – is that issue resolved?

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      You have no bobbing little troll? Maybe Spring sunshine is too much light! I have to from the comments. Am on an urgent mission today. The local library phoned. They have a weekly Friday concert and all their regular performers have the flu. I have to play Spanish Piano Music for an hour so am slightly frantic trying to dig them out of the mothballs. Granados and Albeniz mainly…


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