683. Barry’s left hand index finger


Barry was a wonderful guitarist. When he cut off his left hand index finger in the skill saw it was a tragedy. That was the end of his guitar playing.

He coped with life nonetheless; there are more hobbies in life than guitar playing. There was only one thing that infuriated him; he couldn’t pick his nose.

52 thoughts on “683. Barry’s left hand index finger

  1. Susanne

    Okay. How weird is that. Two guitar heroes (mine and yours) felled in one day. Straaaange. Delightfully brief with only the slightest smidge of sentiment.

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  2. Cynthia Jobin

    The one thing you haven’t explained is that Barry would have to be left-handed if he was picking his guitar on that side.( picking on which side, dressing on which side, I can never get it straight, even though I worked as a clerk in the men’s department of W.T. Grant’s when I was sixteen). If he were right handed, it wouldn’t be such a problem…..or would it? To manipulate frets or to strum….that is the question. But it doesn’t matter in the end. It’s about the nose.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Dress on which side? Who nose? I had changed hands a number of times in the construction of this exceedingly complex story, and in the end went for manipulating the frets with the left hand as being a right-handed person’s thing. Dressing to the left or to the right usually has little bearing on guitar playing, as long as one doesn’t dress ambidextrously!

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  3. arlingwoman

    Okay, I have no sympathy for this guy. He’s one of those really inflexible right handers who doesn’t realize he can still pick is nose (pause to shudder while typing) with his other index finger. I once had a nose picking child in my car who tried to hand me the results, to which I firmly said, “No, that’s yours. If you don’t want it, wipe your finger on one of those tissues and throw it in the bin.”

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  4. umashankar

    Quite biographical for me, except that mine is still affixed to my palm, skewed and straight, frozen forever at the joints after a fall on the shallow side of a pool circa 2004. Do you think I cam form a bar, or even a half-bar with it now?

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