682. Carrie hated his name


Carrie hated his name. It wasn’t so much that it was also a girl’s name; it was because it was his mother’s maiden name and she’d run off with a fancy-man when Carrie was four and he’d never heard from her since.

His father had married again, and his step-mother disliked Carrie immensely because his name reminded her of “that other woman”. To be honest, Carrie would have changed his name by deed poll to Bartholomew, but it cost eighty-four dollars, and that amount of money was not something that Carrie could easily scrape up.

His father and step-mother had two other kids, both boys, and Carrie was the only one from his father’s first marriage. His step-mother favoured the other two kids, and Carrie was left to live the life of a Cinderella. Clean this. Do this. Jump to it. His father was as bad as the others.

When he was nineteen, Carrie won a massive monetary prize in a competition. His biological mother suddenly reappeared on the scene. His father and step-mother and two half-brothers all hovered hopefully.

Carrie gave each a million dollars. He was good like that, Bartholomew.

32 thoughts on “682. Carrie hated his name

      1. Cynthia Jobin

        Then there’s the one about Robin Dunghead who always wanted to change his name because people made fun of him When he was finally able to do so, and the official asked him what he wanted to change it to, he said “Steve.”

        I do love your stories, Bruce!

        Liked by 2 people

            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              Keith I hope you read this – I haven’t been able to get onto your web blog page for several days, so am leaving this message here. Your pages simply do not load – at least on my PC.



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