671. A stately catch in black


It was only two weeks until the wedding and Charlene received a tragic phone call. Charlene was devastated, naturally. Her fiancé had died suddenly in the shower.

It was only two weeks before she was to wed one of the biggest mega-millionaires on the planet, and now all was washed down the shower plughole. Admittedly, he was old… But still, it was a shock, and quite, quite premature.

Charlene knew he hadn’t as yet changed his will. Most of the riches would go to his three children and his ex-wives. Perhaps she’d get a bit. But it had been only two weeks away from the real bonanza.

However, there are more fish in the sea, thought Charlene putting on a brave face. She made an appointment with the hairdresser. She purchased a glorious outfit. She would be noticed at the funeral. Her almost-husband’s rich old friends would surely find the grieving almost-widow a figure of attraction. A stately catch in black.

27 thoughts on “671. A stately catch in black

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Got a kick out of your typo…and I see you’ve corrected it. In a way, her “finance” did die suddenly too. I think spell-check and auto-correct are really Freudians.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      LOL! I was hoping no one saw it! It was auto-correct what done it, and in the end the only way I could stop it was to spell it with the thing over the e. I laughed every time because it was indeed the demise of her finance!


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