666. The number of the beast

© Bruce Goodman 7 August 2015


(This is story number 666. It needs something sinister to commemorate it perhaps? Reputable scripture scholars are now certain that 666 being “the number of the beast” is a misprint. Another number is to be found in the early Greek manuscripts of the “Book of Revelation” aka “The Apocalypse”, and the number applies more accurately to the Roman Emperor of the time to whose name it actually refers.)

Adelaide and Niall weren’t superstitious, but they were, shall we say, “devout”. They were in search of their first home together. They found the perfect place.

“Oh but darling,” said Adelaide. “Look at the street number! It’s 666. We couldn’t possibly live there.”

“You’re right, sugar-plum,” agreed Niall. “It would be the house of the Whore of Babylon.”

They continued their search and found a place quite nearby. It was number 616.

Hee hee hee!

20 thoughts on “666. The number of the beast

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    They should learn to use Google if they want to avoid any connection with misinterpretations, theories, numerologies, or superstitions. They might need to buy a house in the woods with no number – but then there’s the big bad wolf ………..

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    1. Cynthia Jobin

      I had to look it up, too. So hard to keep up with new discoveries of old pieces of papyrus about superstitions when you really don’t give a rat’s.

      On another tack…this actually happened to me about a year ago when I was moving. The house at 666 was available and I didn’t take it. (Why fly in the face of eons of human belief?) Time went by. I now live at #665.

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      1. Bruce Goodman Post author

        LOL! Thank goodness it’s not 616 you live at! I like this story because the “fundamentalists” claim the beast to be the Devil, the anti-Christ, the pope, the catholic church… whereas the writer is not creating a superstition at all – he’s simply talking about the Roman Emperor!

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Once I lived on Hastings Street, Hastings, New Zealand. I wanted to live on Number 1066! They avoided that number – the town council. I once received a letter from the great Romanian playwright, Eugene Ionesco, who wrote to me (as he sometimes did) and it was addressed as “Bruce Goodman, Hastings”. Handwritten it said “Try New Zealand”. I got it!!!! It was the most exciting letter I’ve ever received! I still have the envelope and letter! It says (in French) that I can stage his plays whatever whenever I want without price! (And that he was a fan of mine!!)


  2. arlingwoman

    Oh, Bruce, all your stories are sinister! Well, Nero was quite a beast, no matter what number you want to give him. I read once that Friday the 13th is only known as a bad day because Philip II chose that day to kill off as many Knights Templar as he could. Might be hearsay.

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