660. Marvin’s wife goes to town

© Bruce Goodman 1 August 2015


Marvin was feeling a bit off colour. His wife told him not to be silly.

“You never get sick,” she said. “Never. Not in forty-seven years of marriage. If you got off your backside and did some exercise you’d feel better.”

Marvin mowed a bit of lawn and then came inside. He watched something on television.

“You need to give yourself a good shake,” said Marvin’s wife. “Give yourself a good shake. I’m going to town, and when I come back I want to see the lawn finished.”

“I’m feeling a bit off colour, that’s all,” said Marvin.

“Fresh air will do you good,” said Marvin’s wife. “Get yourself a bit of fresh air. You never get sick. Not in forty-seven years. Just get off your backside and stop mooching.”

She left for town. A pity; if she hadn’t been so hasty she could’ve called for an ambulance.

16 thoughts on “660. Marvin’s wife goes to town

  1. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

    Marvin’s wife must have been called Haste. In 47 years of marriage she should have seen that he was off color. But true to her name, she made waste of Marvin’s last day. And in the end the lawn never got finished.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      At least she could now continue to have her affair with the hairy model down the road without feeling guilty. OMG! I forgot to mention any of that in the story.


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