660. Marvin’s wife goes to town

© Bruce Goodman 1 August 2015


Marvin was feeling a bit off colour. His wife told him not to be silly.

“You never get sick,” she said. “Never. Not in forty-seven years of marriage. If you got off your backside and did some exercise you’d feel better.”

Marvin mowed a bit of lawn and then came inside. He watched something on television.

“You need to give yourself a good shake,” said Marvin’s wife. “Give yourself a good shake. I’m going to town, and when I come back I want to see the lawn finished.”

“I’m feeling a bit off colour, that’s all,” said Marvin.

“Fresh air will do you good,” said Marvin’s wife. “Get yourself a bit of fresh air. You never get sick. Not in forty-seven years. Just get off your backside and stop mooching.”

She left for town. A pity; if she hadn’t been so hasty she could’ve called for an ambulance.

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