Music 43: Dahlias

© Bruce Goodman 29 July 2015


My mother first had this dahlia in 1953. It survived five moves of house.

Today her six children have it growing in their gardens.

It was the only dahlia my mother had. As a kid, all summer, the vases would be full of these same flowers.

Listen to the music HERE.

33 thoughts on “Music 43: Dahlias

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Sylvie. Actually, I’ve lost mine in the last house move, and a sister nearby has promised to give me some tubers, but in winter in her huge sprawling dahlia patch she’s not sure which is which!

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  1. Shubha Athavale

    Thanks Bruce for sharing the picture, music and the story behind the Dahlias. I grew up in New Delhi and my mother grew Dahlias as well and your post brought back happy memories of my childhood……

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