649. The last pear of summer

© Bruce Goodman 21 July 2015


You’ve heard of the last rose of summer? Well, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the last pear.

Raewyn and Hendrik had planted a pear tree in the garden four years ago. They had nursed it, nurtured it, coaxed it. At last it had produced some fruit; three little pears. Raewyn and Hendrik had one each. They were delicious; ten times more so that they were out of their own garden. The third pear was rather blemished, and a little later to ripen than the others. Raewyn watched it every day. She was determined to pick it before the birds got it. But it wasn’t quite ready yet.

Three days ago she went out to check on it and it wasn’t there.

“Where’s the pear?” she asked Hendrik.

“It was blemished,” said Hendrik. “It probably had codling moth. I picked it and gave it to the chickens.”

Raewyn hasn’t spoken to Hendrik for three days. Hendrik needs to pop down to the florist and buy the last rose of summer.

20 thoughts on “649. The last pear of summer

  1. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

    I vote Raewyn gets no rose from Hendrik. While he shared two of the three pears with her, she plotted for three days to snatch up the third for herself. Only when she learned that the chickens got her pear did she grow silent. A good few weeks of peace and quiet are the least Hendrik deserves for saving them from a bad pear.
    And all this just to say that perhaps those two are a bad pair.

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