647. A really funny joke

© Bruce Goodman 19 July 2015


It was a really funny joke. Really, really funny. Alvin was at university studying design, and he rather fancied Dawn. Dawn was studying chemistry of some kind.

Alvin crept into Dawn’s apartment when she had the washing machine going, and tipped red dye into her laundry. Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny eh?

Dawn crept into Alvin’s apartment when he had the cake mixer going and tipped cow shit into the mixture. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anyway, they never got married. In fact, they didn’t make it even to the engagement stage. Funny that.

25 thoughts on “647. A really funny joke

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Surely you would not expect them to have their cake and eat it? (And on another note – I think this is one of the most useless stories I’ve written, and I’m glad to have expunged it from the files-in-waiting!)

  1. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

    The funny thing about it all is that it all makes perfect sense when you consider the outcome: they interchanged majors where Dawn became a Fashion Designer creating a collection of Garnet Garments. And Alvin, well, became so fascinated with the chemistry of that cake that he switched to scatology courses and became a Gastroenterologist.

            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              I stand humble, corrected, and without pretence (one can afford to do that when one’s as rich as I am). Actually, I read once that it was probably never said at all by anyone but some English wit invented it to voice his distain.

              1. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

                You are correct: the anecdote appears in Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Confessions”, his unreliable autobiography. But wait another three-hundred years and many historians will swear that it was first penned in Oscar Alejandro’s short story “Confessions” as published in an eZine and later edited out completely in the second edition posted on his WordPress account.


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