Music 40: Globe artichokes

© Bruce Goodman 8 July 2015


I love globe artichokes; both for eating and looking at.

These plants are so “architectural”; the leaves, the flower buds, the purple flowers, even the dead seed heads.

Here we have thistles with attitude.

38 thoughts on “Music 40: Globe artichokes

  1. thecontentedcrafter

    To me, this piece sounds like the artichokes are getting up and begin to march down the street – then they start dancing …. then they return to their places – Thistles with attitude indeed!

  2. Cynthia Jobin

    Artichokes don’t grow where I live. They’re a delicacy. We only get them in the store around Easter time. But once, when driving around California , I came upon the town of Castroville, totally dedicated to the artichoke —a huge welcoming sign said so! They were planted for miles, along both sides of the main highway, as far as the eye could see, and every eatery served every possibility of edible artichoke: fried artichokes, artichoke sandwiches, stuffed artichoke, artichoke soup, etc…..even artichoke ice cream!
    And yes, I also find them wonderful to look at….and to draw and paint! (But a bitch to deal with, in the kitchen.)
    This music recapitulates my impression of them as exotic..and with plenty of ‘tude…..

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I have heard of the fields of artichokes in CA but never knew their whereabouts. (I’m pretty sure I grew them in Quebec but I had to put in new plants every year – perhaps I’m just getting old and can’t remember!) I find them really easy to deal with in the kitchen – just throw a head in a pot, boil the hell out of it, then put it centre table with a mayonnaise dip. Break off a pointed leaf, dip, and suck out the juice. Discard the leftover leaf and pretend not to have seen the earwig. It’s like a natural fondue! One of my favourite more social activities!

  3. noelleg44

    YUM! Artichokes! When we lived in California we used to go to Castroville – I notice Cynthia Jobin mentioned this place – and buy little ones that you could cook and eat like an apple. I personally like mine with butter. I’m an artichokaholic!

  4. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

    Fun fact: In 1576, Dr. Bartolomeo Boldo wrote in the “Book of Nature” that the artichoke “has the virtue of … provoking Venus for both men and women; for women making them more desirable, and helping the men who are in these matters rather tardy.”

            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              The Italians – no wonder there’s so many of them… I must stop making comments about artichokes – I might start typing stuff that should only be said in private emails!!! 😀

  5. lbeth1950

    Those are beautiful. I’ve had them in my full sun flower bed but they burned up. I am zone 8b. Wher are you and how much sun can they handle?


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