635. Howard’s way with words

© Bruce Goodman 7 July 2015


Howard had a way with words; he shot from the hip; he pulled no punches; he was brutally honest; he told it like it was.

Anyway, at work he described a client, Mary-Lee, as “fat”.

Dear me! The chairperson at the meeting pointed out the inappropriateness of such a word.

“We don’t use the word fat to describe a person,” said the chairperson.

“Let’s just say then,” said Howard, “that she flattened a lot of grass in her youth.”

20 thoughts on “635. Howard’s way with words

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Well… excuse please. (This is not being a good time for me.) I was only thinking that a man in fine fettle who was six-feet-six inches tall and weighed 200+ pounds and wore a size 15 shoe would probably also flatten a lot of grass even more than the corpulent Mary-lee….unless you mean she didn’t just walk in the grass, but wallowed and rolled around in it?

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