628. Wallflower

© Bruce Goodman 30 June 2015


Anyway, Doreen of Room 13 was hoping that Wayne would invite her to the school dance. As far as she knew, Wayne hadn’t invited anyone. And then suddenly James invited Doreen.

Doreen said she had to think about it (because she was still hoping Wayne would ask), so James waited. And when he got sick of waiting he invited Pauline to go to the school dance. And then Wayne asked Ailsa, and Ailsa said yes.

So then Doreen didn’t have anyone to go to the school dance with, so her father phoned up this guy he knew from Doreen’s school and offered him one hundred and fifty bucks if he took Doreen to the school dance. But he was not to tell Doreen. And the guy’s name was Noel. So Noel took Doreen to the school dance and got the money.

All that was ages ago. One thing had led to another, and then three months ago they’d been going out for five years, and Noel thought he’d tell Doreen about the one hundred and fifty bucks. Doreen packed up and left in a huff (more of a tantrum), and now she won’t speak to her father. Or to Noel.

Doreen was hoping this morning that Mike at work would ask her out. As far as she knows, Mike’s not attached. And then Mike went and asked Judy.

32 thoughts on “628. Wallflower

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks! I had originally studded the story with “like” at the end of every sentence, and thought that maybe those without teenage daughters might wonder what was going on… !


      1. Cynthia Jobin

        I don’t have teenage daughters, but recently in a phone conversation, a grand-niece said to me “I went shopping today and I bought, like, a blouse.” “So what did you buy?” I asked her, (pain in the arse fogey that I am). Silence. She was evidently puzzled by my question. So I continued, “…it was LIKE a blouse, but what was it, really?” …..”har, har…like very funny, Auntie!”

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  1. Keith Channing

    I read that and I’m like “yeah right, like that’s going to happen” but then I’m like “OMG, poor Noel; dumped after five years” and like, I would. Who wouldn’t? He’s well bad and dead fit. But that Doreen, she’s such a player, ennit?
    So what happened next, then?

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  2. Adrienne Morris

    She’s just a hopeless romantic, poor girl. She doesn’t have any self awareness because she hasn’t taken the right courses or read the right books. I have tons of sympathy for her. Even her good-intentioned father expressed a lack of confidence in her (this wouldn’t have been the only time he’d stepped in).

    Don’t we all suffer from personal blindness?

    Anyway, love the way this was written.


    Liked by 1 person


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