16 thoughts on “609. A lesson in money

          1. Cynthia Jobin

            Understood. And the govmint takes taxes. And lord knows what other middlemen corpse-feeders have a cut….been there, done that. But it is the total NET amount that is hers. (You never said the husband was very kind to the uncle, and so what?….maybe the husband was just a suck-up, knowing the old guy had money….)

            Ha, ha….sorry to get into it. The story was extremely brief, and there’s an itch to extrapolate beyond the givens. Maybe that’s the virtue of the story? 🙂

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            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              I know – so much is unsaid. But did I say that Katie was married to her first cousin, who was the son of Uncle Geordie? Possibly I forgot to mention it because it is probably not true! Anyway, they’re back together now because we fiction writers can do anything!

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