606. Funeral savings

© Bruce Goodman 8 June 2015


Jimmy was old and dying. Patrick, his nephew and godson, was with him.

“Paddy,” said Jimmy, “when I go my final will and funeral instructions are in the top drawer.”

Jimmy died. Paddy opened the drawer. There was the final will and, on a separate piece of paper, the funeral instructions.

Jimmy had left everything to Paddy. Everything! Once the funeral expenses were paid for.

“He has rather expensive tastes when it comes to funerals,” thought Paddy.

He went to see the undertaker and arranged the cheapest funeral possible.

On the way home he called into the Travel Agency and booked an extended vacation to Honolulu on the funeral savings.

19 thoughts on “606. Funeral savings

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    My Dad was an Undertaker/Funeral Director. When the time came to talk about his final wishes, he said he favored the simplest, swiftest, cremation and disposition possible. ( He was, by then, lapsed in his Catholicism so that precluded a funeral mass too.) He had first-hand knowledge of what a rip-off the funeral business can be.

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      1. Cynthia Jobin

        The business gets people at their most vulnerable, in grief, and says: “Don’t you want the very best, for your loved one?”

        Paddy’s crime was not the cheap funeral, but the betrayal of his uncle’s wishes. So I’m with Suzanne in this case….I know, I know…all alike.

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