605. Jack’s gerberas

© Bruce Goodman 7 June 2015


Gerberas were Jack’s pride and joy. He had collected colours of different hues over the years. He tended them. He weeded. He fed them. Sometimes he even talked to them!

Jack’s wife, Zelda, was all for picking them to take inside for a vase.

“Can’t you just admire them in the garden?” said Jack. “After all, my gerbera patch is right next to the front door.”

Zelda pouted. She wanted them in a vase.

“It’s typical of men,” said Zelda. “They only like picked flowers to give to a lady if they want something.”

“You get ten years in prison for murder,” said Jack, “and I’ve nearly done thirty just by getting married.”

“It’s taken me thirty years to realize that I’m married to a dud,” bemoaned Zelda.

Jack went off to the pub for a drink with his mates.

Zelda got the scissors and went out to the garden.

8 thoughts on “605. Jack’s gerberas

  1. Kate Loveton

    We call them Gerber Daisies, and I love them! They add color and cheer, and I’m with Zelda – a few Gerbers in the house sounds delightful. Jack’s in for a surprise when he gets home! He was too obsessed with those flowers anyway…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. arlingwoman

    Well, I like cut flowers, too, but those gerberas don’t hold up very well, so his wife’s in for a surprise when their necks give out. Oh dear, I hope they have some other things in common, but it doesn’t sound hopeful…

    Liked by 1 person


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