602. Duck

© Bruce Goodman 4 June 2015


It was the hunting season. Colm was out shooting ducks with his good friend, Donald. They were both enthusiastic hunters. Colm shot a duck and Donald shot a duck. It was the same duck. Colm said he had shot it first and Donald said he had shot it first. They got into a huge row and wouldn’t talk to one another.

Colm shot at another duck. He missed the duck and shot Donald.

What a terrible accident!

19 thoughts on “602. Duck

  1. simon682

    I saw a jolly hunter
    with a jolly gun
    Walking in the country
    In the jolly sun
    In the jolly meadow
    sat a jolly hare
    saw the jolly hunter
    took jolly care
    Hunter jolly eager
    sight of jolly prey
    forgot gun pointing
    wrong jolly way(!)
    Jolly hunter jolly head
    over heels gone
    jolly old safety catch
    not jolly on!
    Bang! went the jolly gun
    Hunter jolly dead
    Jolly prey* got clean away
    Jolly good I said Charles Causley

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks for that Simon! I have never heard it before. And to think you named a dog after it! Now I shall be spending the rest of the day exploring Cornish poetry thanks to you! The Goodmans originate from Cornwall, so I feel some jolly affinity with Charles Causley!

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