Award 1: A ray of sunshine

© Bruce Goodman 26 May 2015

In a previous life’s blog I never accepted awards because I didn’t have the time. Now I find, in my case, that time and graciousness come with age. I accept them as unassumingly as possible, but with a great deal of delight.

Nomination 1. The Sunshine Award


Derrick Knight nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Derrick’s blog is here. I very much enjoy his daily rambles, ambles, gambles, shambles, brambles, pre-and-post-prandials…

Some personal things are to be said about myself that possibly are of no interest to anyone other than me:

1. I was a catholic priest for over 30 years, being a member of the Marist Fathers, and spent much of my priesthood as a teacher of Music, English, Drama and Religious Studies in Catholic secondary schools.
2. I was brought up on sheep, cattle and dairy farms. Yes, I can milk a mean cow.
3. My Master’s thesis was on English Reformation Lute Music. This is a very handy subject to have when searching for a job.
4. I have a chronic heart condition, which is a pain in the bum.
5. I have a cat (called Pussycat), a dog (called Delia), a cow (called Blossom), and a goat (called Billy).
6. I like to garden and, having done that, I like to stand in the garden with a coffee and just look!
7. My latest “fad” is to go to the local library (libraries are no longer quiet places) that includes books, cafe, computers… There’s a piano there. I toddle along once a week and play the piano for 20 minutes or so. It means I have to learn a set of new piano pieces each week. Today I’m playing a selection of music by Joseph Haydn. The occasional person listens, and it does not greatly matter if a wrong note gets hit.

Now I must nominate some bloggers for this award. (I don’t like this bit). Some do not accept awards, and for very good reason. That doesn’t stop me nominating them. It’s simply a way of pointing out to readers some of the great blogs they may have missed.

1. If you’re into yodelling, and great (I mean great) poetry, and insightful comment, one cannot bypass the LittleOldLadyWho. A ray of sunshine!
2. If you’re into stories with grit, guts and verve, then head down to Brazil with By Ryan. (It’s in English). A ray of sunshine!
3. Read the delicious saga of Lady Smock and Harry Bittercress. Click your way to the delightful, witty, astute Wuthering Bites. A ray of sunshine!

There’s lots of other rays of sunshine that should be nominated, but I’ve possibly made enough enemies for the day.

25 thoughts on “Award 1: A ray of sunshine

  1. Windy Mama

    Awww. Truly honoured, I am. I gratefully and happily accept this award on behalf of Harry Bittercress and Lady Smock who deserve it. I think there will have to be an awards ceremony they must attend. Oooh! Feeling inspired. A new gown! But dammit, you took one of my nominees – Cynthia!

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      You can surely nominate Cynthia again! I am so looking forward to the Awards Ceremony. I need to get clean socks, clean underwear and a clean handkerchief, for Lady Smock notices everything.

      1. Windy Mama

        Lady Smock co-habits with Harry. She’ll understand if your socks don’t match or are a bit stinky but she’ll appreciate the hankie. It’s a gentleman’s fashion she’s always liked.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      We’re thinking of holding it in the French-speaking area of Maine to emphasise to the watching world (all modern media will be utilized) that parts of Maine speak proper. As to what to wear; something a little Maria Antoinette-ish would be appropriate.

  2. Cynthia Jobin

    Oh, bien sur, such a location will be très convenable pour moi. I’m not really the Marie Antoinette type, however. ( The last time I saw a corset with whalebone stays was when I helped pull the strings tight on my grandmother’s.) I was thinking of something in basic artsy-fartsy black, perhaps accessorized with a splash of color. Would a feather-boa be de trop?

    And me, I appreciate the attempt, me, to show the world how we speak proper. Ayuh.

  3. derrickjknight

    One of the reasons, I gather, for these things, is that you have an opportunity to learn more about fellow bloggers. Now a lapsed Catholic, I attended a Jesuit grammar school, served Mass, and taught Catechism in my teens to poor unfortunates who went to non Catholic secondary mods.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I already figured from your photos and blog that you and the pope were Jesuit educated! I too taught catechism in my teens to poor unfortunates, and did I hate it or what!

      1. Bruce Goodman Post author

        I never used to accept them, but now I’ve organised my blog so it can cope with the multitudinous award of one that I’ve received! Should it not be, theatre sirs darling? 🙂

  4. Cynthia Jobin

    This Sunshine award is not my first award ever, you know…..I won first prize in the 8th grade catechism contest (verbatim answers, in French) sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, in 1958.

  5. Ryan

    Thank you so much my friend. The least that will come out of this is that I will follow two great writers, my fellow nominees. You are a true brother in pen! Cheers.

  6. cindy knoke

    My Master’s thesis was on English Reformation Lute Music. This is a very handy subject to have when searching for a job.
    WOW! Just wow. For once I am speechless. Really. Just this once. It never happens. Ask my husband…….


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