568. Mutual memorials

© Bruce Goodman 1 May 2015


Soldiers from the countries of Eustralorp and Serama fought side by side in battle against a common foe.

Long after combat both countries donated a war memorial sculpture, one to another, commemorating the bravery of each country’s fallen warriors.

Special ceremonies were held. Indigenous tribes used the occasion to protest about their rights. The Arts Foundation protested about the aesthetic standard of Eustralorp’s memorial contribution. Mothers Against Cot Deaths used the event to highlight the plight of dying babies. The Church of the Holy Whatever was out in force collecting money to buy food for their soup kitchen. Someone claimed that the word “genocide” should have been used at the ceremony, and spray painted slogans over Serama’s memorial sculpture. The Arts Foundation saw red. They attacked Eustralorp’s memorial with a hammer. It cost the earth to fix. Mrs Thistlegrange stood alone, with her homemade placard, drawing attention to the proposed roading re-route which would pass the boundary of her property within metres.

Each year, on Eustralorp-Serama Day, crowds gathered to protest. Flags were burned. Chants were screamed. Protestors tussled with police. Tear gas was used. And truncheons.

After three years, both countries agreed to bulldoze the memorials down. No one could remember what they were for.

18 thoughts on “568. Mutual memorials

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you. No, there was no secret in the place names. I originally took Australop (a breed of chicken) and then thought it looked too much like Australia. And the other name started out as a breed of chicken as well! So nothing was above your head!!



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