566. God didn’t make little green apples

© Bruce Goodman 29 April 2015


Leslie had a brainwave. It was a remarkably simple solution to a problem. Science had discovered that red apples were healthier than green apples. The problem was how to stop people from eating green apples when they should be eating red apples.

Leslie’s solution took on throughout the world. Everyone chopped down their green-apple producing trees.

But there was a glitch. The occasional person kept the occasional green apple tree. It was usually a genuine case of mistaken apple-identity, rather than an intentional criminal act.

Governments came to the rescue. ALL apple trees were to be chopped down, and… Hurrah! It worked! There were no more green apples.

7 thoughts on “566. God didn’t make little green apples

  1. Bruce Goodman Post author

    I think a great deal of politicians follow Herod. Here in New Zealand a politician closed down the road side vegetable stalls (food which the poor could afford and depended on for their livelihood) because she was trying to improve the health of the poor!


  2. Windy Mama

    Do you remember that song? I haven’t heard it in decades and now it’s on replay in my head.
    As for the story, I’ve long believed that what the world needs is color blind politicians.

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