Music 28: Black water


Black water scares me.

By black water, I mean a deep and clear pool with apparently no bottom. The water looks black.

What horrible things lurk in the depths? Is their some vengeful water nymph living there waiting for a victim?

I would never dare dip as much as a toe.

2 thoughts on “Music 28: Black water

  1. simon682

    I always like the name backwater or its derivatives. there are plenty around Scotland and Ireland. There’s something mysterious, and, you’re right, quite scary, about water that seems to have no bottom. Legends persist of such lakes, lochs and ponds all over this country.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      In New Zealand (in the European “tradition”) we don’t seem to be ancient enough to have accumulated too many spooky legends. More’s the pity. But then again, I guess we’re in the position to begin to make them up!


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