550. When Patsy fell in love


When Patsy fell in love with Jock it was like… like… it was wonderful! Raindrops were pearls of sunshine. Her pet canary sang ten times more melodiously than ever, ever, before.

She had always wondered what name in life she would end up with. Yes, she would take her husband’s name for sure: Mrs P. Barker? Mrs P. Millman? Mrs P. Nelson? Mrs P. … As a teenager, she had practiced with every boy in the class; her signature, that is, with their surnames.

And now the man of her dreams had come into her life. He proposed! Patsy said “Yes!”

Mrs P. Ennis.

Patsy thought she might keep her own name.

13 thoughts on “550. When Patsy fell in love

  1. simon682

    I believe (Elaine) it was Paul Kaye. Often thought of changing my surname but Johnson is traditionally a surname people choose rather than dispose of. Certainly wouldn’t choose Ennis if my name was Paul.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      A great aunt married a Johnson (here in NZ). Her maiden name was Lightoller, which is the name I’ve occasionally thought of changing to if ever Goodman became tainted with too much scandal.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      In the 1970’s (before you were born?!) I was obsessed with Thomas Hardy. Now I am “obsessed” with trying to understand how a guy in India knows so much about European literature when I know sweet all about Indian culture…

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          That’s jolly true. I hope you recover enough to get back to the wonderful Venice postings, and if not, there are wonders still to discover even outside your backdoor!


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