445. To be honest


To be honest, I’m in it for sex. Patsy seems to think it’s love. She thinks all this means I want a deep personal relationship with her. She has no understanding of the male psyche.

Whether or not she keeps the baby is up to her. I told her I’m not paying a thing for it, and if she wants to have it it’s her decision, not mine. After all, it’s the woman’s responsibility whether she gets pregnant or not. I told her that, and I said when you get old and fat who would want you? I’m in it for the fun. God! Who the fuck does she think she is?

I said the same to her sister, Tessa. It’s up to her. At least Tessa’s not clinging to me like Patsy. Tessa knows Patsy was mine, so she shuts up about us. Tessa told Patsy the baby was someone else’s. That’s Tessa’s baby. I don’t reckon it’s mine any way. From memory there were about six of us having a go. Can’t remember now.

All these irresponsible chicks. You’d think they would’ve learnt about taking the pill when they were at school. I learnt about condoms. I use them if they’re handy, but a woman is on the pill to stop having a baby. I use condoms to stop picking up diseases. You don’t know who the fuck they’ve been sleeping with, half of these chicks.

Only yesterday I was telling – I’m sorry I can’t remember her name, Cherry? Kay? perhaps I never heard it? they can become a bit of a blur – I was telling her the same thing. I hope you’re on the pill, I said. I don’t believe in irresponsible sex.

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