432. Stuart was famished


Stuart came home from high school absolutely famished. His mother wasn’t home, but he could fend for himself.

There were no leftovers in the fridge so he cut himself two fat slices of bread and threw them in the toaster. In the pantry there were a couple of cans of tuna, so he opened them, profusely buttered the toast, and enjoyed two bits of toast heaped with scrumptious tuna.

Of course, that only lasted a few hours, while he did his homework. His mother came home and prepared dinner.

“What’s for dinner, Mum?” asked Stuart as always.

So now, while dinner was being prepared the family lay on the carpet in the lounge, except for Dad who sat in an armchair, and watched television.

Mum appeared from the kitchen.

“Has anyone seen the cat food? There were a couple of tins in the pantry.”

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