410. Insubordination


Phyllis disliked her teacher, Mr Crabtree. It was an unfortunate name for a teacher. Behind his back, Phyllis referred to him as Crabby Crabtree. Mr Crabtree was sarcastic and cruel. Don’t get me wrong; Phyllis wasn’t exactly the nicest student.

“So,” said Mr Crabtree one day to Phyllis during class, “if the bath is full of water and you needed to empty it in a hurry, would you use a teaspoon, a bowl, or a bucket?”

“A bucket,” said Phyllis.

“Odd,” said Mr Crabtree, “most people would pull the plug.”

The class laughed. Phyllis went red.

“Just ‘cos you got crabs,” retorted Phyllis.

“What you say?” said Crabby Crabtree.

“I said you got crabs.”

Phyllis was expelled for insubordination. She didn’t know the meaning of the word. All she knew was that those in authority are always right. They got the power.

I delight in having my dull life coloured by your intelligent perceptions, your wit, and your vivacity.

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