407. Barry was a bit of a bastard


There’s no doubt that Barry could be a bit of a bastard at times.

He was a teacher, and sometimes he was real hard on the kids.

Barry got the sack. The school principal was a prick, but that still didn’t mean that Barry shouldn’t have got the sack. He was mean. He was devious. He was two-timing. He was a bully.

The principal was very proud of his school. Especially the look of it. The grounds. The gardens. The state of the buildings. He loved to show visitors around.

Why! Here comes the headmaster now, with a little group of prospective parents!

“What’s that growing beneath your office window?” asked a visitor.

“Flowers, beautiful flowers!” beamed the principal. “We take great pride in caring for the school.”

“It’s marijuana,” said the visitor.

As was said, there’s no doubt that Barry could be a bit of a bastard.

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