399. Carpentry


I’ve worked in carpentry all my life. In fact, I have my own business. I used to be a builder, but now I specialise in furniture making. It has the advantage of being able to work inside. I guess I’m more of a carpenter-cabinet maker.

I usually have a few people working for me. Three or four when the going’s good. They’re all pretty good workers. One in particular. I was hoping he’d hitch up with one of my daughters; he’s that good a bloke. But anyway, he didn’t and she got married to someone else. I wish them well.

But it’s their wedding I wanted to mention. All my workers came to the daughter’s wedding of course. But it was bloody embarrassing. We ran out of booze. And this guy that I’ve been talking about, his mother asked him (she’s a friend of the family) and he changed water into wine.

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