388. Jasper, bulldozer driver


Zoe was the jealous sort, as it turned out. She fell in love with Jasper. He was all of nineteen and drove a bulldozer. Drove a bulldozer! Imagine that!

They decided to start living together. Zoe worked part-time for the city council, filing things. Filing all sorts of things, none of which she understood. Then she would come home and surf the net. She was on all the social networks, and she got all her recipes online.

Jasper would work long hours. Driving a bulldozer! He left early in the morning. And then when he came home and showered, they would have dinner. Then Jasper would spend an hour or so playing games on the computer and Zoe would watch a bit of television.

I wonder, thought Zoe one day, when Jasper was at work (driving a bulldozer!), I wonder if he looks at stuff when he’s on the computer? Porn and stuff? I wonder if he chats to other women online and all that.

She began to go through the computer’s history. She began to look at the deleted files. She found nothing.

Day after day she checked when she came home from the city council office, and she never found anything. It began to consume her. Was he faithful? Was he covering his tracks? He seemed to be pretty absorbed in the evenings when he was online.

She got into an argument with him. He said he wasn’t doing nothing but look at machine parts when he wasn’t playing games. He was looking at parts for the bulldozer.

Zoe didn’t believe him.

Anyway, it was a good learning experience. They survived together for seven months.

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