354. Birthday picnic


Zara had twin sons. They were now about eighteen, but still lived at home with their mother. She had brought them up on her own since they were small.

Now Gunther and Goff were boys about town. Sometimes they would come home a little tipsy, and Zara would say, “Why can’t young people enjoy themselves without booze?”

“Because Mum,” Goff and Gunther would say.

It was Zara’s birthday, and the two boys decided to surprise her. “Mum,” they said, “we’re taking you on a picnic. Just the three of us.”

So they packed a big picnic hamper. The boys put in some wine – “Mum likes a little wine” – and set off for the forest.

They walked the forest track, perhaps for an hour, carrying the hamper. It wasn’t heavy, but it wasn’t light either. They stopped at the most beautiful lake.

When they opened the hamper they discovered plates and knives and cups and wine, and no food! They had left the food behind!

They sat and talked and drank the wine, and had a lovely, lovely time. Zara even got a little tipsy!

“Thank you, boys,” said Zara, “for a beautiful birf, beautiful birfday.”

“It just goes to show,” said Gunther and Goff, ever so slightly tipsy themselves, “that older people can enjoy themselves without food.”

This is the Chattanooga Choo chew the fat chat

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