336. Weather or not


Moira was driving south to visit and stay a few days with her daughter. It was a long drive, so she left early. At 6am the car radio began the news and weather.

“I’d better check the weather,” thought Moira. They always seemed to present the weather by starting north and heading south.

“And now for the weather up north,” began the weatherman.

“It’s the weather in the south I want,” thought Moira. “It seems to be fine outside, although it’s still a bit dark to be certain.”

“And now for the weather in the middle,” said the weatherman.

“I wish they’d start by giving the weather in the south and moving north,” thought Moira. “If they started in the south I wouldn’t always miss it, by getting distracted. But it seems to be quite nice thus far. Mind you, I don’t really mind driving in the rain. As long as I’m careful and keep a good distance from the car in front.”

“And that’s the weather for today,” said the weatherman.

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