334. Three lumps of sugar


He was fifteen. A few pimples, but relatively handsome. Gawky at times, but generally confident. His voice had stopped going up and down, up and down, like it didn’t know if it belonged to a man or a boy.

Roger had always heard (since he was a kid) that if you went to The Copper Kettle on Marine Street, and asked for a cup of green tea with three lumps of sugar, they took you out the back for a good time.

Roger had never had a good time. He wondered what it was like. He was pretty desperate to find out what a good time felt like.

He got some money and he went to The Copper Kettle. He’d never been to the café before. It had a mystique. The woman at the counter was pretty sexy. You could see the cleavage in her breasts at the top of her low cut top.

“Yes, how can I help?” asked the woman.

Roger cleared his throat. “Yeah,” he said. “Can I’ve a cup of green tea with three lumps of sugar?”

The woman looked. They went out the back.

This is the Chattanooga Choo chew the fat chat

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