299. Christina buys a lawnmower


Christina was all of thirty-two and a spinster. She didn’t like to refer to herself as a spinster; that implied she was over the hill already, and way beyond marriageable age. She was still looking for “the right man”.

That is beside the point. She needed to buy a new lawnmower. Her old one had been inherited from her grandfather. Like him, the lawnmower was loud, messy, heavy, and now dead. She knew nothing about lawnmowers.

First she went to Mow It Ltd. They seemed to have lots of lawnmowers for sale, and in all colours. The man was quite helpful. He explained everything about them, half of which she didn’t understand. She thanked him and went to look at another mower shop. It doesn’t hurt to compare prices.

The woman selling the mowers at Tidy Lawns Ltd was quite helpful. She knew what was required. She explained things in simple “layman’s terms”. Christina thanked her and moved on to another lawnmower shop: Grass and Wood Ltd.

The salesman was very helpful. He simply said, “This is exactly what’s needed.”

Grass and Wood Ltd knew what they were doing when they employed that salesperson. He’d won the title last summer as The Sexiest Bachelor in Town. Indeed he is, thought Christina, as she paid for the very lawnmower she didn’t want.

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