285. Totally wasted


Günther was excited. His brother, Bruno, had been named the new Archbishop of Fürstenzell. (Not that Fürstenzell has a bishop, let alone an archbishop; but this is a story, not a history book).

Günther’s wife was Adelheid. She demanded a new dress for her brother-in-law’s episcopal ordination. She got it. (Not that she needed a new dress; but big occasions are an excuse to spend).

When the day arrived, Günther and Adelheid got into a huge argument. Adelheid said she wasn’t going to the stupid episcopal ordination. She was bored with it, even before she got into the Volkswagon to get there. She didn’t like her new dress anyway. Günther was disappointed and angry.

Günther drove off on his own, faster than he should have. He didn’t go to the episcopal ordination in Fürstenzell. He went to a bar in Passau and got trashed.

Totally wasted. He should’ve chosen a celibate life like his brother. Life’s never straightforward.

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