245. Yap! Yap!


Lorna and Edward had vastly different interests. Edward spent his life flying his own plane here, there and everywhere. He loved it. Lorna’s life centred round her lap dog: a sort of mainly Pekinese with a hint of Chihuahua. The dog was called Muff-Muff. It was an ugly, spoilt thing, but the real love of Lorna’s life.

On a rare occasion, Edward took Lorna and Muff-Muff on a flight excursion. Edward had to make an emergency landing on a remote and uninhabited tropical island. All they had to eat were coconuts and bananas.

“But Muff-Muff eats special exclusive tinned meat,” wailed Lorna.

“If we’ve any sense,” said Edward, “we’ll keep the ugly fat dog as long as we can and then kill it. It depends how long we’re stuck here. We’ll be needing meat, and I don’t mind eating dog.”

Five weeks later they were rescued.

“Thank God!” exclaimed Lorna. “The two off us here thought our being forsaken would never end. Didn’t we, my little Sugar Plum?”

“Yap! Yap!” agreed Muff-Muff.

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