179. Mary walked along the road


“Tell me a story.”

Mary walked along the road.

“Is that it? Is that all the story is? That’s not a proper story.”

Well that’s all that happened. Mary walked along the road. That’s it.

“That’s stupid. What happened next then? Get a little more excitement into it.”

Mary walked along the road. She was shot dead by Uncle Cedric with his gun.

“That’s better. Then what happened?”

Uncle Cedric got mad. He went into the barn and shot all the animals.

“That’s terrible. That’s disgusting. What happened after that?”

Uncle Cedric went into the house and shot Mama and Papa and three of their four children.

“Shot them dead?”

Yes. There was blood everywhere.

“That’s awful. Why are you telling such a horrible story?”

I was perfectly happy with Mary walking along the road, but, oh no, you wanted more to happen than that. Don’t blame me for telling such a nasty story. You’re the one that wanted some excitement.

“Well I must admit, it might be gruesome, but it’s a lot more exciting. I like exciting,” grinned Uncle Cedric, reloading his gun.

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