168. Creative assignment


Lewis had a creative teacher. “Let go of your inhibitions!” enthused Calliope to her class. “Be free! I want you to do an assignment on … ANYTHING! Be creative! Let the spirit breathe! Do what you like…”

Calliope inclined towards flamboyance.

Lewis got stuck into his assignment with enthusiasm. He researched. He drew pictures. He asked. He wrote. He glued. In the end he had a magnificent folio. He handed his assignment to the teacher.

Two days later he was hauled before the school principal. It was inappropriate to choose as a topic: Did dinosaurs have penises and, if so, how big?

6 thoughts on “168. Creative assignment

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          … ! Apart from being a mathematician, he was an cryptic encoder/decoder during the war – and he said no one will ever decipher Alice in Wonderland. Bits have been deciphered and these days they’d arrest him.

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