161. Butterfly feeder


Des decided to make a butterfly feeder for his granddaughter, Cressie-Maude. Cressie-Maude was six. She loved butterflies! Des had found the plans for the butterfly feeder in an old magazine.

He got an empty jam jar and drilled a hole in the lid.

He plugged the hole with cotton wool, with cotton dangling from it into the jar.

He filled the jar with a solution of 1-part sugar and 9-parts water.

Cressie-Maude helped her Granddad make brightly coloured petals out of felt. They glued the petals on the lid to make it look like a beautiful flower. The butterflies could drink the nectar on the cotton in the middle of the flower.

They hung it in the garden. Butterflies! Butterflies! sang Cressie-Maude, while dancing in the garden. It was so exciting!

The wasps loved it.

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