56. Anita Moves On


Anita had lived for most of her married life on quite a few acres of land. They had never been self-sufficient, but they loved the rural lifestyle, and they were both avid gardeners. In fact, they had landscaped and planted the entire property. It was a picture. “At least we’ve created a beautiful garden for posterity,” Anita said.

One part of the property was particularly special. Many years ago, early in their marriage, they had lost their only child at birth. The ashes were placed in the ground in the special area, and Anita had planted a beautiful white camelia to mark the spot. Again, when her parents passed on, she planted with their ashes a fire-engine-red rhododendron for her father, and a golden rhododendron for her mother. Then, when her husband passed away, Anita planted a beautiful white magnolia.

For several years, Anita maintained the property on her own, but it was a fulltime job. She was in her mid-seventies, and her knees were not what they used to be.

She made a decision. She would sell. And that’s what she did. The new owners were lovely people. Before leaving, Anita went down to the special place in the garden and said her good-byes. A few months later, Anita was driving past. Naturally she slowed down for a peek. The entire garden had been bulldozed flat. Not a trace remained. Even their home had been demolished. Little animal shelters dotted the property. The new owners were breeding pigs.

I delight in having my dull life coloured by your intelligent perceptions, your wit, and your vivacity.

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